How to Install Composite Decking | Modern Garden

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  1. Step One

    Firstly, before you use this guide to find out how to install composite decking, plan out the area that you want to deck. Work out your square metre and use our decking calculator on our decking products.

  2. Step Two

    Decide on what material you will use for the sub-frame. We recommend using 40cm centre spacing for your joists. When building your frame, your joists should run perpendicular to the way you want your decking boards to run.

  3. Step Three

    Once your decking frame is finished you will need to fix our starter/end clips before laying the first board. Allow a 10mm gap behind the starter clips for expansion when fixing. You should put a starter/end clip on every joist row where your first board is starting.

  4. Step Four

    Slide your first board up to the starter/end clip. The clip will fit into the groove in the side of the decking boards. Once this has been done you will fix the other side of the decking board with our T-Clip & Screw. Fix a Plastic T-Clip & screw on ever joist. Then simply slide you next board up to the T-Clip and repeat the process of fastening your next T-Clips after it.

  5. Step Five

    Finish your decking by inserting our Plastic Push-In End Caps.